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Jeff “Vintage Dick” Goldblum in GQ Magazine, September 2014

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Dear friends, I have worked about 70 hours this week and I miss you and now I have to laundry all weekend. I just need to get through the first week of school and maybe then I can be a normal person who engages in social interaction again. 

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Today, I was telling an interpreter I work with about how moving our program to a bilingual campus has really made me want to step up my game on learning Spanish. 

Most (if not all?) of the teachers at this school are bilingual, and each grade has at least one bilingual classroom. This week, there have been a lot of “Spanglish” moments where everyone is speaking English, then someone switches to Spanish and everyone laughs. I know that they’re not trying to leave me out of the conversation, but it has really made me long to become trilingual. 

As I was talking about this, the interpreter said, “And that’s what our kids feel like if we speak without signing in front of them.” 

And that was a really important thing for me to hear. A lot of teachers/staff in my program will drop signing if the kids seem to be concentrating on something else or it would be easier to just speak our native English, and I have fallen into that myself before, knowing that it is not an acceptable thing for me to do. 

This year, I will speak up for my kids in this situation. There are so few people in this world who they can fully understand, and it is so disrespectful for us as adults who sign to leave them out of the loop like that. 

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My sister (who I haven’t seen in thirteen years) asked me to come to her high school graduation. She’s a junior this year, so it’ll be in 2016. I’m absolutely going to be there. 

It’s far away, but maybe that will give me enough time to get my nerves under control. 

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Do you believe in magic
In a young girl’s heart

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I’ve always believed that the universe invented the color red solely for Latinas - Junot Díaz

cherie bought me this dress for my birthday and it’s perfect! thank you♥

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The risk of opposing Israel in the U.S


This is a good piece. Go read this. Even Jewish people, who are critical of Israel (and Zionism) have been targetted and accused of being anti-Semitic.

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Leila Khaled breaks down in tears after receiving a tile from her home back in Haifa.

A place she and 5 million other Palestinians are not able to return to.

so the interviewer goes to Israel, visits the home that Khaled grew up in and but can never return to, collects a tile and brings it back to her.

that is the reality of many Palestinians who still have their keys to their homes in hopes to return.

Palestinians still have keys to their homes that Israeli settlers sleep in. 

This person who is Swedish is able to go Palestine, while Palestinians are confined and never allowed to visit their homes that were stolen from them. 

And Americans, who are Jewish and have no heritage or ethnic ties to Palestine, can easily move to Palestine and get Israeli citizenship, but Palestinians can’t go back to their original homes.

(Source: soyvietnamita)